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Welcome to Excel College Australia. We sincerely hope you will gain great benefit from the course in which you have enrolled. We hope you will find the course we offer to be an exciting and enriching doorway into your chosen career or further studies.

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As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) registered with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), we have an obligation to ensure the quality of the nationally recognised training and assessment we deliver.

We must comply at all times with the Standards for RTOs 2015, which are part of the VET Quality Framework. To ensure compliance we have developed comprehensive internal policies, procedures and systems that guide our compliant operations and we must participate in audits with ASQA upon their request.

In addition, we must ensure that any third parties that we work with who have any involvement in your training and assessment comply as well. This includes our training partners, marketing brokers and sales people where applicable.

As the RTO we have the responsibility to issue your AQF certification documents in line with our issuance policy as outlined in this Handbook. If at any time you feel we have not met our obligations as an RTO, you have the right to make a complaint following our Complaints and Appeals Policy outlined further on in this Handbook.

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Excel College has over a decade of experience and we understand students’ requirements. We provide student support services that include academic advising, health services, and counselling on our campus to assist students. 


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Excel College aims to provide a vibrant and quality study experience. We deliver a wide range of courses, including technology courses, leadership & Management courses, and Hairdressing courses. To book a tour please fill the enquiry form.